AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT EDITOR //  Creating and implementing innovative and strategic plans for the United States Olympic Committee. Help with the creation and dispersion of daily content, graphics, and video to drive traffic to, as well as engage with our followers to create a two-way conversation.  Work closely with the Team USA Partnership Marketing team on sponsorship based posts, as well as promote the Team USA Shop and mobile app across all platforms. Consistantly researching trends and studying analytics to ensure that Team USA is a well rounded account for the fans to follow during, and also after, the Games.   Here are a few examples of my graphics, gifs, tweets, and instas from during my time with the United States Olympic Committee. 
  Coordinator of Social Media //  Worked to implement innovative and strategic plans for the athletic department at the University of Louisville. Ran various Twitter handles, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and other social networking platforms for the the various athletic teams. Created daily content, graphics, video, and blog posts to drive traffic to our posts. While in the process of attaining my Master's in Communication at the University of Louisville I was a part of adidas' elite internship program that they have with the college.  Whether it be on the gridiron, the court, the pitch, or the diamond I was on the sidelines of innovative social media strategies to give #CardNation a behind the scenes perspective of what was happening for the various sporting events.   Capitalizing on my training in graphic design, photography, and film I was able to produce snackable content that was shared, retweeted, liked and favorited on the various social media platforms. Also worked with sponsorship based posts, and helped with the management of the other interns on staff.  Here are a few examples of my graphics and photos used across social platforms during my time at the University of Louisville.
  Research //  I'm known as the resident nerd. My nose is typically in a book or I am researching the latest trend - immersing myself in the culture by studying the target demographic or downloading the latest craze.   Here are a few examples of the research work that I completed. To read them in their entirety just click on the one you are interested in. 
  Photog //  I fell in love with photography in the dark room when I was 14 years old. Watching an image come to life in the chemicals was truly something else. The smell of the chemicals brings me back to a time of just losing myself in the craft. And when I went to Western Kentucky University I wanted to be a photojournalist.   At WKU I was exposed to both the journalism and photographic aspects of the industry. But I only truly fell in love with the photo process - the creativity of concept behind it - I was not smitten with the journalism component that accompanied it. And because of that I left the journalism side and focused more so on the creative freedom that comes with being behind the lens.    
  Consulting & Freelance //  It cannot be stressed enough as to how much of a visual person that I am. My background has continuously been in something that had a visual aspect to it, and a lot of this goes back to the mere fact that my father is in publishing and as a child I would sit in his office talking about the covers of his magazine, Fastline, and why that picture was chosen or why the colors were what they were. Terms such as bleed, DPI, color stories and schemes were integrated into my vocabulary – verbage that I used more than what some of my peers would have liked.  I was fortunate enough to have a part time job in high school at the family print shop That’s when I learned the mechanics of the printing press – I was a 15 year old girl being yelled at by my cousin to put my hair in a bun because he was afraid I would lose it to the machine that he was having me run. It was in this moment when I was covered in ink, light headed from the chemicals that I truly understood the importance of a great piece of design work. And I fell in love.  From time to time, I am design things that aren't related to sports or consult on events. Here are a few examples.